Earlier XTRONS has released the revolutionary dual system high-end Android 10.0 Qualcomm Octa Core 4GB + 64GB Q series car stereo for BMW and Mercedes-Benz. To offer you and your customer a more cost-effective car stereo option, we launched the mirrored low-end Android 10.0 Qualcomm Quad Core 2GB +32 GB QC series later.
This time, we bring the latest built-in wireless CarAutoPlay and wired Android Auto into XTRONS Q series and QC series car stereos, which bring you and your customer an incredibly intuitive way to access GPS, calls music, Google Assistant and Siri from mobile phones while on the road for a truly connected experience. No need to buy extra dongle, just connect your iPhone wirelessly through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or connect your Android smart phone with an USB cable.
As we already know, both series are designed and customized to work with your vehicle’s original factory system without the frustration of removing your cd driver, radio, sound system or any of your favorite hardware. Besides the difference in configuration, they all have the following impressive features:
1. Dual System with Original Functions Retained;
2. Android 10.0 Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset;
3. Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0;
4. Built-in 4G Module – support carriers in Asia and Europe;
5. Support split screen mode;
6. Dual Wi-Fi Band Connecting (2.4 GHz and 5GHz);
7. One-glass Fully Laminated Technology;
8. Verified In-Car Installation test;
9. German and English Professional Installation instructions and user manual;
10. AUX adapter cable and iDrive Supplied without extra cost;
11. Specially designed XTRONS in-house User Interface.
Some of the upgraded models are already in stock, you can check with sales directly. For the rest of Q series and QC series, they will be in stock gradually once existing stock cleared.
Till now, for XTRONS Q series and QC series we have car stereo for BMW 1 series, 3 Series, 5 series, X5, X6 and more with CIC, CCC system and those with no original display and left driving vehicles and car stereo for Mercedes-Benz A-class, GLA-class, CLA-class, B-class, C-class, GLV-class, V-class, E-class, ML-class, GL-class and more with NGT 4.0, 4.5&4.7, 5.1&5.2 system. The car stereo for Audi A4L/A5, Q5, A6L and Q7 will be added to this product line soon.
To catch up with the marketing trends, please stay tuned.