XTRONS earlier released the revolutionary dual system Q series and QC series car stereos for you and your customers to choose from. In our latest product launch, we have integrated full network 4G into this product line, to let you explore the world of in-car entertainment without limitation. We call this upgraded series the QF series.
It keeps features of the original car stereo while upgrading the screen with brilliant Android features; a worldwide 4G solution, max 128GB ROM, built-in CarPlay & DSP. Let’s take a look:
1. Keep your original car functions while upgrading the car stereo with a powerful new Android system, without removing the original factory one. You can retain all the original functions including the original iDrive System, Amplifier system, Car Info Display, Radio, CD, Backup Camera Display and original DSP. It also has amazing Android car stereo features that we think car owners will really enjoy.
2. Built-in 4G that supports 99% of carriers worldwide. With the integrated worldwide 4G support, you can access the internet directly and enjoy independent and secure networks immediately. Surf online freely no matter where you live.
3. High-end hardware configuration. With the Octa-core processor, up to 2.0-2.5GHz frequency, 14nm process and DDR4 4GB RAM + 128GB SSD ROM, XTRONS QF series car stereo has much higher performance than the average car stereos on the market and runs extremely fast and smooth. It also supports the download and installation of 32bit &64bit apps.
4. Built-in CarPlay and screen mirroring. You can simply connect your CarPlay enabled iPhone to the USB port of the XTRONS unit and display your mobile content on your head unit’s screen, or control your phone’s software right from your dashboard. You can also display your iPhone and Android smartphone on the car stereo using screen mirroring.
5. Customised sound effects with built-in DSP. Use the built-in DSP to tune music to meet your needs perfectly. You can select music style, reduce noise, choose the best listening position, enhance bass, customise the stereo sound and adjust the volume. Your car’s original DSP is also retained to give you the choice.
6. Built-in Dual Band Wi-Fi. It supports both 2.4GHZand 5GHz Wi-Fi networking, with the higher frequency being able to move more data around faster.
7. Defect Free Grade-A touchscreen without compromises. XTRONS QF series adopts the 1280×480 resolution Grade-A Anti-Reflective screen with zero defect points and IPS technology, so you can enjoy the most vivid and clear images.
8. Dual UI, built for a user-friendly experience. With XTRONS’ specially designed in-house UI and the original BMW UI, it meets the needs of more drivers. And you can easily switch the UI to keep the experience fresh.
9. German and English Professional Installation instructions and user manual. We’ve carried out a series of tests for each model to ensure you can get the right product and professional guidance.
Now, in the XTRONS QF series, we are releasing 7 models for BMW 1 series with no original display and left-hand drive, 3 series with NBT/CCC system/no original display and left-hand drive, 5 series with CIC system, X5 with CCC system, X1 with no original display. All models are ready in stock.
Contact our sales department if you are interested in other unlaunched models, we may have something perfect for you.