Recently, we have upgraded the top performance PX6 PQ series Hexa Core car stereos. We have given the series a premium infotainment solution and brilliant CarPlay, Android Auto and Digital Sound Processing; we call it the PQS series. Now you can enjoy a new level of enhanced cooling efficiency, smoothness, extraordinary display, convenient mobile phone interaction and a great listening experience.

Below are some of the great upgrades:

1. Optimized MCU & Main Board & Heat Sink: The series uses upgraded, industrial standard hardware and a pure aluminum heat sink, customised for XTRONS, which has great heat dissipation and ensures stability.

2. Built-in DSP: The series offers extensive sound adjustment options to get the best out of your car sound system, and to adjust the sound to your taste and preferences. The built-in 15-band EQ allows separate adjustment with professional detail, making your listening a personalised experience.

3. Built-in CarPlay and Android Auto: The series is equipped with both CarPlay and Android Auto. You can connect any smartphone, whether it is iPhone or Android, for safe usage on the large screen. You can also get access to mobile phone voice commands from the car stereo directly.

4. Dual Band Wi-Fi: The series offers more options for Wi-Fi connection and higher transmission speed with the new channel 5GHZ Wi-Fi, thanks to the built-in Dual Band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz and 5GHz). It also avoids connection issues or interferences and offers more stability.

5. Built-in Bluetooth 5.0: It has a higher transmission rate and stronger anti-interference ability. You can control many of the phone’s functions with your voice.

In addition to all the above upgrades, we also retained many attractive points you do not want to lose:

1. PX6 professional in-vehicles chip, Hexa Core 64bit processing, 4GB DDR3 RAM and 64GB SSD Memory;

2. 4K video playback;

3. HDMI Output (not available for Single DIN car DVD player);

4. ST7708 in-vehicle radio chip;

5. High resolution Grade-A G+G touch screen;

6. XTRONS optimised in-house UI which shows the current speed as well.

This time, beside upgrading the existing PQ series into PQS series, there are also some details we’d like to point out: for PQS7039B, PQS7046B and PQS7090B, there is no HDMI Output function, OEM models and OEM based on the PX6 solution will be compatible. Please contact our sales representatives directly to know more about this incredible new line of products.