With the advent of the new in-car 4G Era, XTRONS has listened to market demand and released a brand-new MA Series, which is positioned as a high-end Octa Core line with an integrated worldwide 4G solution. Together with the stylish in-house UI, premium quality built-in DSP, CarPlay & Android Auto, in-car life is enhanced significantly.
Let’s take a look at the fantastic features of the MA series:
1. Built-in 4G Module which supports 99% of carriers worldwide. It offers you an easier and more secure option to access the internet directly without connecting to other devices. You just need to insert a SIM card into this unit and enjoy the independent and secure networks immediately.
2. 14nm processing and multi-core clocking speed to 2.5GHz. This outstanding CPU is tailored for faster processing and improved performance.
3. Octa-core processor, DDR4 4GB RAM and SSD 64GB ROM. This enables faster data transfer, higher power efficiency and offers highly improved performance, and ample stable space for your apps and media files. It also supports the download and installation of 32bit &64bit apps.
4. Built-in CarPlay & Android Auto that works for both iOS and Android phones. You can cast the phone to the large screen of the car stereo for GPS navigation, for easier touch operation, or to get access to the voice commands of Siri, Google assistant.
5. Professional sound quality with premium built-in DSP. You can get the best out of your car sound system and adjust the sound to your taste and preferences.
6. Lots of built-in features and extension options. With the built-in industry-standard hardware and quality external accessories, you can use the latest Bluetooth 5.0, high quality GPS, and advanced radio directly. You can insert optional accessories such as an HD camera to get 1920x1080p images, DVR with ADAS and much more. You can also enter the reversing camera mode instantly.
7. XTRONS exclusive User-friendly UI with fixed bar. The fixed bar keeps the most used applications always on the home screen. No need to scroll pages to find the maps app, music app, Bluetooth or settings. It is a completely new and driver-friendly design.
Besides all above amazing features, we always and only use Grade A LCDs, Solid State RAM & ROM and professional in-vehicle chips and solutions. This distinguishes us from less reputable manufacturers, and ensures that our XTRONS product lives up to your expectations every time.
For this new MA series, we are now releasing the following models which include a 10-inch Single DIN universal fit car stereo, 7-inch & 10-inch Double DIN universal fit car stereos, and car stereos for VW, Skoda, SEAT, Audi, BMW and Honda. If you need any other models, please feel free to contact our sales department.
It’s time to catch up with market trends and explore your local 4G options.