New Members newly added to XTRONS Car Roof Monitor product line! With the newly released size 11.6” and 19.5” , we Now get the full size range of Car roof in car monitors in which you’ll have a full range of options in a variety of sizes to meet all your customer’s needs.
The newly launched car roof mounted monitor CM118HD is perfect for smaller cars with a petite 11.6″ screen while the CM195HD is the big brother of the series for large vehicles with a huge 19.5” HD screen.
1. Both monitor’s display has stunning resolution and clarity, delivering outstanding images you’ll want to watch throughout your journey. (1366*768 for 11.6” while 1600*900 for 19.5” one)
2. The exclusively designed mold with sleek and stylish body makes it thin and light. Virtual touch buttons make the monitor look tidy and easier to operate. While aura mood lighting keeps the appearance beautiful and elegant.
3. Built-in power stereo speakers or IR headphones deliver sound with perfect definition. You can also use the AV outs or FM transmission to connect to one of your powerful head units.
4. With the built-in HDMI port, you can mirror your favorite content on your smartphone to the monitor’s screen by cable or wirelessly (extra accessories required). Moreover, you can even watch digital TV in your car when connect with digital TV receiver.
5. Supports play all commonly used formats with up to 1080P resolution smoothly, provides a vibrant and sharp image to watch.
6. Support Positive and negative door control, safe and convenient.
Our full range of roof monitors have all the screen size your customer needs for their smaller car or coach from 9 inch to 19.5 inch. For car mp5 monitor without DVD function, we have
10.1” CM101HD,
11.6” CM118HD,
12.1” CM121HD,
13.3” CM136HD,
15.6” CM156HD,
17.3” CM173HD
19.5” CM195HD.
For car roof DVD player, we have
9” CR9033,
10” CR108HDS,
13.3” CR133HDVS
15.6” CR1506VS.

All have crisp, detailed HD displays, wide adjustable viewing angles to reduce glare, and flexible connections for maximum entertainment. Besides that, we’ve designed our
own stylish and ultra-thin appearance and
used high-end materials like high temperature resistant plastic, brand-new Grade A screen( while most other vendors are usually use recycled screen)
and we designed our own packaging with a tough protection and stylish construction keeps the monitor always from scratches and bumps. All those features make our roof mounted monitors high-qualitied and low repair rate.
Our very first 17.3 inch Android Car Roof Multimedia Player is coming soon. Connect us to get more information.