With the built-in CarPlay and Android Auto becoming more and more popular in the market, we are now releasing a brand-new series which named as PSF series. As the first and only one with built-in CarPlay and Android Auto in Quad Core low-end product line, this series has a very attractive price, extreme sound effects and super heat dissipation.
The up-to-date optimized android 10.0 system, MTK 8321A Quad Core processor, DDR3 2GB RAM + 32GB SSD memory makes the head unit extremely fast and powerful in processing multitask and enables you to download tons of latest apps.
The built-in wireless CarPlay and wired Android Auto offers the safest way to use your phone for GPS, calls, music by asking Siri or Google Voice Assistant. With this feature, you can share entertainment directly for your phone, no extra dongle needed.
The built-in DSP brings out the best in your entertainment with immersive surround sound, you can customize the audio experience in perfect harmony from thrilling, cinema-like and crystal-clear sound. Together with built-in amplifier delivering 4 x48 Watts for the speaker channels, you can enjoy superb sound in perfect harmony with your car environment.
The super cooling solution and 100% Aluminum heat sink design enable and sustain higher overall performance while always keep it cool and stable. No need to worry about breaking down due to overheating after long time use.
we designed our own elegant driver friendly XTRONS UI, with the beautiful harmony of stylish design and interior colorful elements, you can easily access and intuitively control everything. Moreover, you can do two things at the same time such as you can listen to music while using the GPS navigation or other app thanks to split screen mode. And the new Picture in Picture features enables you to perform more tasks like browsing other contents while watching a video, a great way for multitasking.
Models launched this time are as below:
1. TSF701L — 7 inches universal fit double din car stereo;
2. PSF70MTVL and PSF70MTWL – 7 inches custom fitted car stereo for Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat;
3. PSF70QSFL_B, PSF70FSFL_B and PSF70FSFL_S — 7 inches custom fitted car stereo for Ford;
4. PSF70VXL_G, PSF70VXL_S and PSF70VXL_B — 7 inches custom fitted car stereo for Opel, Vauxhall and Holden
Customized models are also welcomed.
To know more information, please consult us.