Because of the COVID-19, many resellers’ businesses have been affected to some degree. Fortunately, the situation has been brought under control, and the summer holiday is coming, which means that the peak season for the sale of headrest and overhead monitor is approaching. NOW it is the perfect time to do product planning and promotion in advance.
To ensure the passengers are fully entertained, some sleek new headrest DVD players and monitors are introduced. The newly launched HM117HD is a cost-effective one with the following main features:
1. Built-in HDMI input. With the built-in HDMI port and a simple connection from mobile phone or game consoles to the HM117HD, you can enjoy the games on a bigger screen, to maximize the fun.
2. 1366*768 pixel IPS screen. The superior visual display offers a fantastic crystal clear images while the IPS technology provides exceptional user experiences by featuring the high levels of brightness display, rich and vivid coloring and 178-degree viewing angles.
3. Ultra-thin design. The stylish appearance and its super light design make HM117HD the perfect piece to integrate with the car interior.
Besides this one, we are planning to launch a 9 inch traditional headrest monitor HD908H and another 9 inch clip-on headrest monitor HD9PCH. We also have 10.1 inch and 11.6 inch clip-on headrest monitors and 7 inch, 9 inch and 10 inch traditional headrest monitors with touch screen, 1080P video play and 32bits games, screen resolution from 800*480 to 1920*1080 (depend on different monitor).
Great for games, movies and music, our diverse range of exceptional headrest units are perfectly suited to entertain all members of the family. Each unit’s multimedia options are guaranteed to make the summer road trips vibrant and exciting! There must be a unit your customer desire.
For any further information, get in touch now!