Following the launch of the new line of Android car roof-mounted players, XTRONS has launched a series of new car headrest monitors. These include both traditional pillow mounted car headrest DVD players, and new bracket mounted Plug & Play Android car headrest monitors. These cover different production lines from affordable to high-end, to suit the needs of both customer’s summer holidays, and their everyday demands.

For the headrest product line, we have traditional pillow mounted headrest designs and bracket mounted headrest designs. Let’s take a look at a brief introduction below:

1. Traditional pillow mounted car headrest DVD player: we have the HD923BD with a compact and slim body design, HD908BD with a classica design and detachable cover, and HD928THD with touch screen and support for 1080P video playback;

2. Bracket mounted car headrest DVD player: we have a traditional high-end player such as the HD116HD with IPS screen & stylish appearance and HD121THDS with an IPS touch screen. Besides these, we are releasing two new models that are highly cost-effective: HD111 & HD111D with a flip down DVD drive, and HD91UN
& HD91UND with a slot-loading DVD drive, 2.5D screen. They both support HDMI Input and 32bit games.

3. Bracket mounted car headrest monitor: we have HM117HD with 11.6 inch IPS screen and HDMI Input. We also have some android car headrest monitor. They both with android 10.0 OS, 28nm Octa core 64bit processor with 1.5Ghz frequency, 2GB RAM & 16GB ROM, support USB & SD, 4K video playback, screen mirroring, support Bluetooth and FM transmitter. We have HM118A with 11.6 inch stunning Panasonic 1920*1280 screen, HM127A with 12.5 inch fully laminated screen and support HDMI Output and HM135AS with 13.3 inch 1920*1080 Full HD screen and support HDMI Input.

With our emphasis on the latest technology, we are always looking into details, for example, fully laminated screens, customized mouldings, Grade A screen without defective pixels, a variety of innovative themes etc. Great for games, movies and music, our diverse range of exceptional headrest units are perfectly suited to entertain all members of the family.

With the arrival of peak summer season, short supplies and rising costs, now is the best time to stock up and make the most of the market. So, if you have any questions or enquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!